Weight loss Journey

I have been on a weight loss journey since last september. As of today, July 5, 2017 I have lost 120lbs. What do i do? How did i lose all this weight and keep it off?

I started by walking daily, then i started eating clean, then i started adding weight training. Now I workout 5-7 days a week, walk/run 3-5 miles a day, eat clean which consists of no sugar, no white foods ( no potatoes, no bread, no pasta, no sugar) i basically eat chicken, fish and veggies and drink water all day.

the photo below: the first picture was taken of me last july 2016 ( a year ago) when i got to meet country music singer Easton Corbin and  the 2nd photo is of me 2 days ago July 3rd.



Tuesday’s with Sandra

Yesterday was a productive day at our household with my daughter and I going shopping for her dorm room stuff. Its amazing the price differences at various stores. Walmart ended up having the best prices over other bog box stores. I can see why so Walmart is so crowded all the time.

Yesterday I started a 365 photography challenge. I am hoping it will let my creative brain juices flow and learn something new daily while photographing various things. The challenge is great for a photographer to sharpen their skills and think outside of the box.

Yesterday’s word of the challenge was MACRO. So I went out in our yard and took Closeup shots of flowers, tree bark and a rock to see the different textures in each. I hope you will enjoy this challenge with my thru my lens.